WordPress Development Myths That We need To Demystify

WordPress is a popular CMS solution for websites and blogs and it has grown immensely in popularity around the world over the last decade. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the topic of many misleading facts that can be quite confusing if you are just getting familiar with WordPress. Whether it’s being set up for a business or for individual purposes, there are several reasons why web developers suggest that their clients go with a WordPress website design. If you’ve been considering building a new site to suit your needs or converting your existing one over, hopefully unmasking some of the most common myths that surround WordPress will help you in making the decision that best fits your requirements.

Myth #1: WordPress is Only for Blogs

Initially, WordPress was released as a great new tool for blog users, but it has definitely developed into a first-rate platform for efficient and thoroughly functional websites that encompass a wide variety of uses. From large corporations to local businesses, schools and e-commerce stores, WordPress has been used to design sites for them all. WordPress has proven it is qualified to handle all different types of content demands and can be easily updated, edited and maintained as needed.

Myth #2: WordPress is Expensive

Many people believe that nothing good in life comes for free, but in the case of WordPress, they would be mistaken. WordPress is defined as free and open source software, meaning that installation comes at no cost to users and anyone is free to make adjustments and changes to it at any time. Associated costs with WordPress may include web hosting, plugins and themes, which can still all be found at a relatively inexpensive rate. This means you can spend a little more where it counts in having everything set up for you by an expert web designer that specialized in WordPress.

Myth #3: WordPress Website Designs All Look Identical

One of the most favored elements of WordPress for many of its users is its ability to be fully customized. While there are free themes offered by WordPress that are very basic and similar in layout, there are plenty of bargain-priced themes to choose from that will make your site stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for an especially unique WordPress website design or have something specific in mind, an experienced web developer can help you create just what you’re looking for.

Myth #4: WordPress is Not Secure

There isn’t a single thing out there on the Internet that can be guaranteed 100 percent security, which means your odds with a WordPress website aren’t any different than with other platforms that you have to pick from. However, WordPress does allow its users to individually manage their security features and consistently offers updates and new versions to help ward off the threat of potential security issues. As with any website, no matter which platform it’s on, it will always be in the hands of the owner to control the fate of their security as best they can.

Myth #5: WordPress is For Internet Rookies

WordPress is simple enough to be maintained by those who are generally technologically stumped, but this doesn’t by any means suggest that it’s only for those who can’t build a more intricate site. Users can get as creative with WordPress as they choose, and there are still numerous codes and other things that need to be worked out during the setup phase by someone knowledgeable in the field. If some of the world’s biggest corporations have found WordPress professional enough to contain all of their content, then chances are it’s useful for just about anything.

WordPress may be just what your business needs to boost its online presence and knock your competitors out of the water. Hopefully, debunking these myths are proof that WordPress is more than capable of handling any site, big or small.