Social Media Tactics That Will Increase Your Site’s Traffic

You have uploaded a really informative article or re-designed your blog, but no one will really know about it unless you market it well.

Since social media users are projected to increase by up to 18 percent this year, this is a good avenue to increase your site’s traffic.

These social media tactics can help your content to stand out and secure a place in the World Wide Web.

Go out of the usual platforms

Facebook and Twitter may be the popular ones, but social media is not confined to just these two. LinkedIn can be used to establish a more professional connection, while Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are geared towards a more hip and trendy audience.

Quora is also a rising platform, where users answer questions based on their expertise. The idea here is to pick a social site that would best suit your niche, so you can reach out more to your target audience.

“Please RT”

According to Dan Zarella, Hubspot’s social media scientist, including the phrase “please retweet” at the end of your Tweet would give you 4x more shares. You have to encourage your audience to share your content because it signifies necessity. An influencer you follow may not have the time to read your article or watch your video, but once he shares it on social media, people who follow him may be interested in your content.

Follow and be followed by the right people

Follow not only influential people in your niche but also people who follow them. Most likely, they are people who are in the same industry as you who are also seeking the same social media exposure as them. Some will follow you back and will ask you to drop by their website. Do support them because when it’s time for you to ask for a favor, they will gladly help you out too.

Put more hashtags

Utilize Twitter and Instagram’s hashtag ‘feature’ and type related popular keywords to enable users to find your content easily. The more people use hashtags, the higher the possibility of making it to the trending topics which can rake in more retweets, regrams, and reposts. Facebook recently launched hashtags in status updates, photo uploads, and even in comments so feel free to utilize that as well. Note, though, that overdoing hashtags can be annoying to some users so keep it to a minimum.

Design visually-appealing images for image-based sites

Make Pinterest-worthy graphics and images that can be embedded in your article to encourage visitors to continue reading. The same images can be uploaded in your Pinterest account (and other image-based social sites like Tumblr) with links leading to your website. Compose witty descriptions and captions or even include quotes whenever possible. If you recently published a post, plug it with a nice image that will trigger the community’s curiosity.

Participate in forum discussions

Forums are an effective way to actively share your thoughts on a specific topic. It is also a way to find people who share the same interests and views as you. Increase your visibility in forums by commenting on an opinion, answering a question, and discussing an issue. Make sure to continue replying and posting as it will make you gain friends and followers who you can ask to view your blog or read an article you have written recently.

 Film YouTube videos

Never underestimate YouTube’s power to make you an internet superstar overnight. Promote your content through YouTube videos. Be creative: make use of moving texts, homemade funny videos, or produce a 2-minute film or advertisement complete with props. Expect an increase in your website’s traffic once your video becomes viral so put some effort in creating out-of-the-box concepts. Remember that high-resolution videos have higher chances of converting viewers so invest in HD camcorders.

 Put up visible social sharing buttons

Social sharing buttons should be visible and easy to locate. This is considered as a tiny detail but crucial to social media shares which some websites leave out. The basic buttons should be located ideally on the leftmost side of the content. The eyes read from left to right and placing social sharing buttons on a strategic place will allow users to click it at once. Users tend to share content when they see that a number of people have already shared it.

 Build your online reputation

These days, anyone and everyone can post online and claim to be experts on certain topics. Because of this, more and more users tend to screen who to believe to avoid getting the wrong data. This is why you have to appear and becredible. Your posts should reflect the knowledge you have on a topic. Avoid composing offensive content, posting tweets with profanity, and commenting negatively on other posts. Also, make sure that the photo/s you use for your profile is decent and appropriate – no tasteless hand signs, messy hair and or inapt clothing.

Social media will help increase your site’s visibility by selecting the platform/s that would best fit your target audience then applying the right strategy. Which of these tactics can you start doing today?