I am your go-to freelancer for all services related to making your business prosper both online and offline. I have listed the services offered below, you can always contact me if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Actor Solutions

I provide proven strategies for your brand to stand out. I recommend an exceptional custom website featuring your talents from images, bios, videos to compelling content.

App Development

A powerful app is vital to the growth of your business or brand. I will create a unique app that precisely represents your business and bring you closer to the people you serve.


Catch the attention of your intended audience and customers with captivating banners for your website, social media platforms or physical marketing locations.


Some marketing methods are ignored because of their mundane nature but bookmarks are loved by people because they are portable, useful and symbolic.


I have achieved numerous goals in branding and it would be my pleasure to help you master this area. Let me guide you in building your brand!

Business Cards

Your business card defines what kind of company you represent. Sophisticated business cards with professional appeal create a lasting impression.

Content Creation

My expertise in this area ranges from creating blogs, e-mail campaigns, product descriptions and technical copies that lead customers to the benefits of your products or services.

Custom Web Design

Your site is an online hub, a place where your visitors engage and explore what you have to offer. I will design your site with originality, functionality and aesthetics foremost in my mind.

Door Hangers

Promote your products, services or events with creative door hangers for your community to look at, read with curiosity and share with loved ones. An ingenious idea for marketing.


Equipped with cutting-edge online marketing and sales strategies, I will create your first ever shop – or your third – with an interactive and navigable platform to give your customers a highly satisfying shopping experience.


Flyers are compact and say what you need to say about your business or organization with straightforward text and images. Short attention span is still a challenge for marketers but flyers are direct and easily digestible for readers.

Full Service Website

A full-service plan including 100% custom website, programming, hosting, domain, consulting, etc. I will create an outstanding website for your business and manage every aspect of it so you can focus on growing your business.

Graphic Design

The correct aesthetics, layout and design of your graphics are absolutely vital in getting your message across, and I am here to do that for you. I create graphics that will make your business stand out.


You need a stable and secure server to make your website accessible on the internet where customers can find you. It’s your business location online, and I am here to make it safe and efficient.


If your letterhead is recognizable throughout your company or organization, you set the tone for the reaction of your receivers to your official orders, requests or notes.

Logo Design

I have designed unique custom logos for many companies and businesses through the years and it’s time I create your very own logo – one that captures the very essence of your brand.

Online Marketing

I have been cognizant of this lucrative global phenomenon in marketing, and I know where to position your business for maximum exposure and prime customer engagement.

Photo Request

Images of the highest quality spark interest and wonder like no other. I care about the message that you send to your target audience each time you present images and content.


Custom Postcard Printing is a great option if you want to personalize your communication with loved ones, colleagues or members of your organization. Receiving Thank You postcards is still cherished by people.

Press Releases

Maybe your business has been around for years and you wish to give your customers a new perspective – a fresher take on your offerings? Let’s keep your customers informed, updated and excited with captivating press releases.

Real Estate Solutions

Increase your real estate revenue by using custom websites to display your properties. It would be my pleasure to help you market your properties through your very own 100% custom real estate website soon.


Optimizing your business website to connect you faster and easier with people who are specifically looking for your products or services is the ideal strategy. Landing at the first page of Google is our goal – let’s achieve it soon.

Social Media

Both established and up-and-coming brands agree that social media marketing is powerful and influential. We all know their immense capacity to build exposure, generate leads, improve conversion rates and increase profitability.

Software Development

From planning, designing, trial to execution. Let’s create software that completely encompasses all your requirements to save you time, money and energy from manual operations and make success even more accessible.

Services for the Chinese market

I have been living and working in China for more than 6 years and I am truly familiar with the ins and outs of this unique market and can help you with everything online and offline.

Legal Consulting

I provide quality, efficient, and practical legal services for my clients with the highest international standard in Chinese and English. I mainly provide legal services concerning domestic and foreign commerce and IP. Please note I am not a lawyer, just an entrepreneur with experience and knowledge of the processes in China.

Visa Services

The Chinese visa policy is continuously changing, many applicants find it confusing and challenging to prepare an application without making mistakes or missing documents, causing delays in securing a visa for China and other destinations. I am here to help you with the increasingly complicated process.

Document Notarization

Notarization is increasingly used by ordinary people in civil and economic fields, such as the notarization of overseas education certificates and no criminal certificates.

Driver’s License

To drive a car in China, you need a Chinese driver’s license. China does not recognize the International Driving Permit or other foreign driver’s licenses. Only foreigners with a valid residence permit can apply for a Chinese driver’s license.

Chinese Content Management

Successful content management is similar to traveling in the sense that a brand needs to discover its new target market and tell its story in a language that will entice and excite it.

Chinese Social Media

Embarking on a Chinese social media marketing journey for your retail brand can be overwhelming at first. You need the guidance of an insider to penetrate platforms like Wechat, Weibo and Youku.

Chinese E-commerce

The number of people enjoying the convenience and luxury of online shopping and mobile transactions in China has grown exponentially in this decade. For businesses and retailers like you, this amazing phenomenon should be explored in the form of sustainable and scalable e-commerce ventures.