Places to Syndicate Your Content

You created your blog post, click publish, and think to yourself, “now what?” It happens to all of us. We create the epic post we know will go viral, but aside from sharing the post with a few of your friends on Facebook and a scant array of Twitter followers, how else do you share your content?

You want people to read your post, and share it with all of their friends. The problem is, how can you find the sharers online who cannot wait to tell everyone they know about your blog post?

With the following sites, you now have a way to leverage your reach to get your content seen by your target market.

  1. StumbleUpon-One of the older social bookmarking sites. This site delivers traffic to me in waves. However, the waves are like Tsunamis of traffic. W when they do come in, because your traffic will jump in a matter of hours. Some of my best traffic days on the web came from StumbleUpon.
  2. site is one of my favorite new gems in sharing content. It will not drive gobbles of traffic, but the traffic will be consistent. That is just as important.
  3. DMOZ-The standard in directories. One of the few directories that can still drive massive search traffic.
  4. Aviva-While DMOZ is the standard, Aviva is one of the other few directories that is still useful for syndicating content and getting backlinks. They not only have a traditional directory for websites, but also have a blog directory, which is great for syndicating your content.
  5. JustRetweet-Do you need more people to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Then JustRetweet is your spot. The idea here is that the more people you share content for, the more points you accrue for people sharing your content.
  6. Triberr- One of my favorite places on the internet to syndicate blog content. Triberr is a community where bloggers can share each other’s content via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Similar to JustRetweet, but with more of a social aspect to the group, along with a laser targeted focus on solely bloggers.
  7. of my up and coming content syndication sites. This is a really great place to share your blog posts with others, where it can be picked up on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, their suggest a post feature is ridiculously good.

Is the list above a comprehensive grouping of all the places you can content your syndication? No! However, the sites above have proven themselves consistently to be among the best on the internet for driving reliable traffic to people’s sites. It is not possible to syndicate your content to every site on the web. That is why you need to focus on syndicating your content to only the best of the best.