What Makes a Good Landing Page Design

Aside from social networking sites, businesses often turn to websites to give a complete look at what they have to offer and what sets them apart from their competitors.

However, in the great sphere that is the internet, there are millions of company websites that compete to get or capture the attention of their prospective clients and boost their sales.

So how do you make yourself unique from competitors and fully capture your audience? Through an effective landing page, of course!

Here’s how you can make your landing page unique and effective for marketing


You may say, “That’s a no brainer. Of course, landing pages should be clean and organized!”. Well, believe it or not, many websites continue to fashion a “messy look” on their websites. But unlike in fashion, this messy look in websites often gets close button clicks instead of “WOWs” and commendations.

When designing your website, remember that your landing page is your website’s “welcoming committee” for your visitors. So remember to give them a simple but warm greeting through your landing page. Make your landing page creative, but organized and easy on the eyes, so they’re urged to scroll down instead of closing the page.

Creative headlines

Remember that your site visitors’ eyes usually navigate on a top-down direction, so it’s important to capture their interest from the top portion of the page, which is also called the header.

Headers must be made up of creative HD quality photos and brief but creative text that will make site visitors glued to their screens. It should also captivate the visitor’s attention enough to scroll down the page or click other pages in your website.

Concise but direct to the point text

Never let your audience read paragraphs. Written content is necessary for the landing page, but remember that the purpose of the website is to urge the audience to buy certain products and services, and certainly not to read an essay.

Limit your text to a few sentences scattered in the entire page, or one short paragraph that contains exactly why they need to know.

Establish trust

As a seller, one effective way to create a large following and a strong pool of loyal customers is through earning your target market’s trust.

Use your website to tell them why you should be trusted and why your products and services are safe for purchase. It’s one efficient way to market and create a business-customer relationship with your site visitors.

Make the buttons stand out- This is more of a reminder than a tip, and applies to landing pages with fill up or sign up forms. When working on your landing page, remember that the goal of the form is to encourage users to get your offer.

Aside from creating irresistible deals, though, make your buttons easy to see by giving it high contrast colors.

Overall, the key to a good landing page is really to have it as clean as possible, without compromising the creative and marketability of the entire website. The website is your business’ face online so remember to make it appear exactly how you want your customers to perceive your business.

At the end of the day, whether your landing page is static or filled with pop-ups, your customers will stay with the one they think is creative, or the one whose offer they can’t resist or say no.

So dare to marry your marketing strategy with a creative website landing page, and results would be quite overwhelming.