Justified Image Grid – attractive and elegant


Justified Image Grid is a premium WordPress Gallery plugin that makes it easy to add attractive and elegant justified image galleries just like Flickr and Google to any WordPress site. It will definitely make your wordpress gallery standout.

I am making this review to guide wordpress users about the best available gallery plugins. I also want to share my views regarding the Justified Image Grid WordPress Plugin. So, read on.


This fantastic wordpress plugin is one of the top seller plugins in the market. It is a user friendly plugin which help users add great images to the wordpress sites. Ideally, this plugin was created for pro artist, photographers, stylists and designers since they have a lot of wonderful image to share to their viewers.

However, a lot of wordpress beginners want to try this gallery plug-in since they don’t want the old and boring wordpress default settings. They want to add customized images to their pages, widgets and posts.


One of the great features of Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery plugin is the capability to use images from RSS feed, most recent posts and from wordpress media gallery. Users can also pull and grab images from all social media accounts such as Instagram, twitter, Flickr and Facebook. Because of this feature, site readers can view all the beautiful images posted.

This wordpress gallery plugin also comes with a lot of gallery settings, 250 galleries to be exact. It includes 7 light boxes, 20 grid layouts, custom color options, custom aspect rations, image animation effects, infinite scroll and load, thumbnail captions, gallery filters and more.

Additional features

  • Align images automatically
  • Responsive theme and resolution
  • Compatible to all social media sites
  • Can grab videos from Vimeo, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, Imgur, Stumbleupon and deviantART using regular link.


I consider justified image grid premium as the best wordpress image/gallery plug-in. Even if I am not a photographer, I can make my simple images into a pro image.