JavaScript and HTML

Brendan Eich from Netscape developed JavaScript with the name Mocha that was later changed to LiveScript then JavaScript. The invention of the computer language was first created in 1995 and quickly became the programming language of choice. The combination of Netscape and Sun produced the famous JavaScript that is used for browsers and prestigious coding languages. Sun Microsystems secured a license for the language and trademarked it.

Since the license was owned by Sun for JavaScript, Microsoft created a similar language called Jscript for their applications. The two languages are interchangeable and easy to for templates and other applications. JavaScript remains the most popular language for web applications. The language originally was complex yet over time became an easier programming language that enables access to objects from client and other applications.

JavaScript is created with many languages that are user friendly compared to the more complex programming languages. It is designed to appear similar to Java yet has the difference of being a language used by non-programmers. The popular language is used with HTML to create documents that are interactive and used for templates for websites.

The combination of JavaScript and HTML creates dynamic applications used for websites without requiring purchasing licenses and being more appealing to users worldwide.

When selecting a template for your website, understand the hidden coding is generally JavaScript and HTML. The secret to having the fantastic website with outstanding features that are easily read by any operating system is one used worldwide making your website accessible by the majority of internet users.

You do not have to be a programmer to use JavaScript. It is an easy application that generally is considered super user friendly to allow for editing, alternations, and adding various objects to the template. Since it is embedded in most templates, you have the ability to create your personalized website and pages with ease.