JackBox – Responsive Lightbox – real social sharing


WordPress JackBox is a responsive lightbox plugin that comes with real social sharing. This plugin was made out of two simple ideas: The founder of JackBox want to create a plugin that will work both in all smartphones and other mobile devices, and create a lightbox where all videos, music and images can be shared to everyone by using links.

I find the features of this plugin very exciting and wonderful. That is one the reasons why I made this review. I want to share with you my thoughts and views about this JackBox responsive wordpress plugin.


The maker of this plugin wants user to connect their pages and posts to a lightbox instead of a simple link. It simply means that shortcodes are not necessary and there are no gallery managers to control. JackBox lightbox wordpress plugin can be compared to a hyperlink key button.


This JackBox responsive lightbox wordpress plugin comes with exciting features such as:
Responsive and mobile ready settings
Built for WordPress
Touch Swipe for smartphones
Youtube and Vimeo with smartphones fallback
Compatible to Firefox and Google Chrome
Loads automatically to Vimeo and Youtube
Can share links to all social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest)
Easily load Google Maps
CSS3 Loader for smooth animation
Buil-in Thumbnail files


Although the founder claims that the plugin is compatible to all devices, I’ve personally noticed that this plugin has a lot of issues such as:
JackBox plugin is not compatible with other gallery plugins
It is not compatible with Ajax-based themes
Fullscreen mode is not available for IE, Opera or Safari.
Auto-play for video and audio is not available on mobile due to device limitations.


JackBox lighbox is not the perfect social sharing plugin. However, you can try this plug-in for curiosity purposes only. Overall performance rate of this is 6 of 10.