Infinite Ajax Scroll WooCommerce – endless scrolling

Scrolling through an online store page after page would be a hassle for customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the items be displayed by scrolling endlessly in a single page? With the use of WooCommerce Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin, your prospect clients will only need to scroll down and products will automatically load in one page.

For those who are not familiar, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and WordPress pagination progressively loads content within the browser without letting the page reload.

WooCommerce has integrated Ajax into WordPress to make websites more responsive in terms of bringing content into a single page without reloading. This web technology is also behind the automated save capabilities of WordPress.

In addition to the mentioned features of this plugin, you can add preloader icons, control the amount of products that the window can load, and choose from personal selectors for themed WooCommerce.

You might wonder, does it work using a mobile device? Of course! Ajax supports multiple browsers as well.

The indefinite scrolling surely is convenient to shoppers when navigating to an e-store. They won’t need to click page after page to see all of your products. Through scrolling up and down, they are able to choose and compare items.

It also saves them time and in return customers will get to see your posts or products five times more compared to not using Ajax pagination. This improves their purchase decisions. Thus, increasing sales.