1) It is proved that it does not meet the employment conditions during the use period. 2) Serious dereliction of duty, malpractice for selfish ends, causing great damage to the employing unit3) Seriously violating the rules and regulations of the employer4) At the same time, the laborer establishes labor relations with other employing units, which has a serious impact on the completion of the work tasks of the unit, or refuses to correct after being proposed by the employing unit5) The laborer is investigated for criminal responsibility according to law for his illegal crime.If the employer proposes to terminate the labor contract due to the above circumstances, the employer does not need to pay economic compensation. If the laborer causes losses to the employer due to the above-mentioned acts, he shall also compensate the employer for the corresponding losses.

  • The objective situation on which the labor contract is based has changed significantly, which makes the labor contract unable to be performed. After negotiation between the employer and the employee, the employer fails to reach an agreement on changing the content of the labor contract
  • Reorganization in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise bankruptcy law
  • If the laborer is ill or injured at work, and after the prescribed period of medical treatment, he is able to engage in the original work, or in another work arranged by the employer
  • The worker is not competent for the work, and is still not competent for the work after training or adjustment of the post
  • Where, after the change of the labor contract, the enterprise still needs to reduce its personnel due to the change of its production, major technological innovation or adjustment of its mode of operation

Due to the termination of the labor contract, the employer does not renew the contract with the employee or reduce the treatment and renew the contract with the employee. If the employee refuses, the employer needs to pay the corresponding economic compensation to the employee.