How to Optimize Images for Fast Page Loading


Hammy is a great plugin for optimizing the images in your blog. Hammy Generates images different sizes for your website according to the size of your content.Whenever a user visits your blog it will automatically show the most appropriate sized image. This helps in making your website a lot fast. Hammy is very easy to configure and easy to use.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin is very easy to use and the author also provides some quick and easy to setup instructions. This plugin reduces the size of images you upload in your posts without effecting the quality of the image.

WP Smush.It

This plugin uses the Yahoo service to optimize your images and reduce their size. It is a popular plugin it also do not require any type of configuration from your side. You just need to download it and install it on your wordpress blog and it will start working on your blog. It also offers an bulk optimize feature that will help you to optimize the older imagthat you have uploaded before installing this plugin.

Lazy Load

Lazy load is a process through which the images in your blog will only be loaded when your blog readers will see it. Lazy load is the easiest plugin that you will have to use just install the plugin and activate no configurations needed. Lazy loading will help you to make your website fast and will also help you to preserver your server bandwidth.

PB Responsive Images

This plugin will help you to fit the image of your blog according to the readers screen. There is no technical coding required for that. You just need to install it in your blog and configure the image size and this plugin will automatically add responsive images in your blog.This helps you to connect better with the mobile or tablet users.