I was given a bunch of different types if wine and alcohol a few weeks ago and it is for sure interesting to try them since I haven’t heard of any of them before. Today I tried one called Hierbas Tunel Secas.

Hierbas Tunel Secas is a type of liquor that is produced on the island of Menorca, Spain. It is made with a blend of herbs and spices that are locally grown and harvested on the island.

The production process for Hierbas Tunel Secas involves distilling the herbs and spices in alcohol to extract their flavors and aromas. The resulting liquor has a distinctive, herbal taste that is said to be refreshing and invigorating.

Hierbas Tunel Secas is traditionally served chilled, either neat or mixed with tonic water or other mixers. It is often enjoyed as an aperitif before a meal, or as a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

In addition to its refreshing flavor, Hierbas Tunel Secas is also believed to have medicinal properties and is sometimes used as a digestive aid or to relieve stress and anxiety.

Hierbas Tunel Secas is just one example of the many unique and flavorful liqueurs that are produced in Spain. It is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike, and is enjoyed in many bars and restaurants on the island of Menorca.