Easy ways to send large files

If you’ve ever tried to send large files to someone, you probably already know that it’s a frustrating process that usually ends in failure. Most email services have a limit on the file size that you can attach. I know Yahoo only allows 25MB – what happens when you need more than that? You receive an error message that reminds you that your file is too large and you can’t proceed.

While trying to help clients, who need to send large files such as full manuscripts, photographs or videos to work on, I’ve hit this wall many times. It’s quite annoying and very time-consuming. For the average person, with the average internet service, uploading a large file takes a long time anyway, but just to have it end in an error is even more infuriating.

Sites that used to let you send large files are no longer free and other file sharing methods can get complicated.

Fortunately, I’ve figured out how to get around this and today, I’ll share with you a couple of different methods you can use to get large files to and from any email address.

Simple Ways to Send Large Files

If you’re self-hosting your own blog, you should have some available web space on your server. You could create a folder that you will use solely for uploading files. You could upload files to that folder. Every file you upload will have its own URL or link that you could send via email. The only limitation, is that some hosts have measures in place that limit the file size that you could upload. If you find that your host has limits, then try the next method.

Try Box.com, it’s a new site that quickly lets you send large files. It lets you upload your files and then it creates a link that you can send. It’s similar to the self-hosting method I mentioned above, but you don’t have to worry about file size limits unless they are over the 5GB that you’ll initially get for free.

If you need more space, they’ve got a 1000GB (free trial) plan and an unlimited plan.
I’m sure there are more ways to send files, but for me, these are the most simple and fastest ways to get the job done.

What about you – have you ever tried to send large files and ran into trouble? What other methods could we add here to help those who need to send files in a pinch?