How Design Plays a Part in Your Marketing Effort?

Design is important but oftentimes an overlooked aspect of marketing. When you’re running a business, your customers are likely to get doll-eyed upon seeing the sign with “SALE 50% on selected items”.

But they’re more likely to get converted when they see that the discount was posted with good graphics, compared to one that was posted using basic Times New Roman font on a white background.

Nope, there’s nothing wrong with Times New Roman on a white background.

However, you couldn’t blame your customers if they’d rather go to the store that has the same offer but with better graphics. Marketing-wise, design is one major element that determines whether a campaign will convert or not. Here are a few points why:

Design is linked to everything

Although it is mainly about how your campaign will look like, having great design is a great start in creating a good impression to your target market. Basically, your design is the face of your business, so why allow blemishes to get in the way of creating a memorable and attractive appearance?


What’s the first thing you remember when you see a big letter “M” in color yellow, in front of a red background? It probably reminded you of McDonalds — such recognition and association through colors is an example of successful branding. It allows consumers to remember your business through your colors.

However, notice that it doesn’t stop there. Aside from their logo, McDonalds remains to be consistent in their design in each marketing material they release.

The colors follow their color scheme while the typography is always within their selected font family. They may have decided to tweak some aspects of their design from the time they began until now, but consistency in their selected feel and design has definitely brought their brand a long way.


Creating a marketing plan with good design shows that you are committed to your brand, and to giving good service to your target audience. It shows that you’ve exerted effort to stand out and that you want your audience to see you in a good light.

Having a good design is also a reflection of the professionalism of the people behind the brand. It shows the concern of the business for its consumers, thereby creating an overall good relationship.

Relays message better

This one is a bit obvious. Design is not only limited to aesthetics. Its functionality is also another major element that makes it a necessity for any marketing campaign. People are more likely to get enticed to a marketing material that clearly says what the business offers. A poster that says “50% OFF on selected items” with emphasis on “50%” is more likely to get attention than one that uses the same font sizes.

Overall, it’s safe to say that design is more than just about what the customers see. It’s also about strategically using colors and fonts to entice the audience with the goal of conversion, and eventually, increase in sales.