Custom Website Design – What Makes a Profitable Domain?

Choosing a domain name can determine your website’s future profitability. There are certain aspects of any domain that can help make it more profitable than you might expect. No matter what you sell on your website (product, service, or membership) you can count on selling a straightforward domain for much more than one that is not straightforward. When you choose your domain name, go for simple to remember but relevant words. If your website sells snacks, including snack in the domain name makes it more potentially profitable. Using the word snack instead of the word food is more direct and highly recommended.

Moreover, keeping your domain name short and sweet is also advantageous. The rule of thumb is the fewer the words, the better. Three words or less is often much more easy for the general public to remember and is considered to be especially prone to being more profitable. For instance, it easier to remember than This is why those domains that can be crafted out of less than three words are much more concise and profitable.

Using the more common word is also another general rule of creating a solid domain name. There are some very common words that we use to describe items and then there are some not so common words. For instance, we use the word cars in place of auto in the United States. Automobile is practically unheard of in our common everyday language. Thus, using the word car in your domain name is more profitable than using the word auto, but auto is still a more profitable choice than automobile.

These very simple principles are the basics to making a domain name more profitable. It also makes it much more likely to be found via search engine entries. If a consumer can remember the basic gist of your domain name without remembering the specifics (and it is in common terms) your website is much more likely to show up when they go and search for it. Profitable and easy to locate are the tickets to creating a solid domain.