China Company Registration

I provide company registration and other consulting services to businesses that seek to establish in mainland China. I offer complete guidelines for your company registration process, and I help you through every aspect of the complicated process in making your company a registered Business.

I can register for you a new company in Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Foshan including a residence permit or Z visa for China. Also, I offer Hongkong companies new and shelf companies, both with HSBC bank accounts.

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  • Company Cancellation.
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  • Qualification Certificates.

WFOE: Company Registration

It is so common to register a foreign own company in Shanghai these days. The rapid development of China’s economy is obvious to the world, so the number of Chinese registered foreign companies has been increasing in recent years. As of mid-February 2020, more than 6,000 enterprises have been opened in Shanghai on average per year. Let’s get to know about the basic information about the Wholly Foreign Own Enterprise (WFOE).

What are the registration steps

1) Confirm the company name, business scope and positions for different people in the company.
2) Prepare the company’s business address document and rental contract, which must be a commercial office address.
3) If a natural person acting as a shareholder needs to provide the original passport of the shareholder; if the investment is acting as a shareholder, a notarized copy of the foreign company license is required.
4) Registration at the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce.

What are the benefits of setting up a foreign company

1. Receive RMB as income, issue invoice independently
2. Exchange RMB to USD then send to the oversea mother company
3. Apply for Chinese working visa
4. Can hire employees directly in China
5. Apply for trademark and copyright directly

If you are planning to start your own company in China, please contact me right away to get started.