November 27, 2021

About Me

Whatever you need help with online I am the one you should hire, my vast experience in the online field and in more traditional businesses makes me a good partner to work with to achieve success for your business or personal brand online and offline. I am creative. I have visions. I execute new ideas as they come and hope to leave a great impact in the world and on the success of you and your business.

Work Experience

Owner // CapsisMedia Ltd // 2004 – Present
Capsis website design services offer clients 100% custom designs which are all created from scratch. We specialize in website design, WordPress themes, web banner design, graphic design, joomla template design and custom script website designs starting from $199.

Project Manager // // 2019 – Present
The Swedish Startup scene is booming! Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs work on their startups day by day to find better, faster and smarter solutions. We believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences with each other, companies can grow faster and stronger together: many best practices can be adapted and replicated and many mistakes can be solved or avoided. We all have something to share and something valuable to learn from others.

Purchase Manager // SA Möbler AB // 2004 – Present
I am evaluating suppliers based on price, quality and delivery speed. I am regularly visiting vendors and suppliers’ plants and distribution centers to examine and learn more about products, services, and prices.

Yearly, I attend key trade shows and conferences to learn about new industry trends. While there, I work to make contacts with current and new suppliers.

My daily administration work includes analyzing price proposals and financial reports to determine reasonable prices. I negotiate contracts with current and new suppliers. I regularly evaluate and monitor contracts to be sure that the suppliers comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, determining the need for changes.

Legal Representative // 瑞统(上海)家具有限公司 // 2014 – 2021
瑞统(上海)家具有限公司 was a wholly-owned foreign enterprise registered in Shanghai. It functions as the sales company for SA Mobler AB.

I registered the WFOE and applied for all necessary and required licenses and certificates to launch the business. In addition, I also opened two bank accounts.

After establishing the company, I worked to build the necessary connections required to complete the day-to-day operations of the company, like accounting, customs, etc.

When the first shipment of containers finally arrived in China, I was responsible for managing the entire operation. Everything from customs clearing, to truck and transportation organization and routing, to managing the assembly and official handover of the finished project to the customer all fell under my jurisdiction.

The years spent in China provided me with a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with Chinese companies and authorities. In addition, that experience improved my ability to make quick decisions, even when I’m lacking crucial information.