Friendly Online Tools For Web Designers 2016

When it comes to online tools, web designers have many options to chose from these days, from feature-packed frameworks to indie, open-source solutions. However, not all tools are free or easy to use. Whether you’re a young or an experienced web designer, we’ve put together for you a list of some really great free online tools that are very easy to use. They can help improve your workflow and get more out of your designs, whether you’re building HTML5 websites, web apps, or material designs for mobile applications. Discover them below!


Lightweight and flexible, this HTML5 rich text editor offers cross-browser normalization, acting as a component for writing documents rather than a traditional WYSIWYG tool.

Titon Toolkit

The Titon Toolkit includes an extensive set of responsive front-end UI components and behaviors based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for use with web as well as app development projects. Includes flexible styles and accelerated animations.


Streamlined and easy to use, this WYSIWYG HTML rich text editor packs all the essential features you need into a clean, distraction-free interface.

Material Palette

This online color palette helps you create engaging material designs by offering you a selection of “material” colors you can combine and preview to generate a material palette that you can then download in multiple formats, including CSS, SVG, PNG, or XML.


Quick and easy to use, Coolors helps you generate beautiful color schemes that you can then implement into your web or app designs.


With cssDig you can effectively examine your CSS properties, including their variations and frequency, to spot subtle inconsistencies in your designs that may end up confusing users, such as using similar shades of color for different design elements.


With Nibbler you can test any website by simply entering its URL. It generates a quick, comprehensive report that provides ratings for key areas such as accessibility, search engine optimization, and social media.

Evil Icons

This clean and stylish SVG icon pack is available in three different sizes and includes code for Rails, Node.js, Sprockets, and more. Icons include everything from Arrow up/down/left/right and Undo/Redo to social media buttons.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of great user-friendly online tools for web designers. Over the years we’ve featured many other web development tools, from jQuery plugins to WordPress themes, so make sure you take a look at the many other resources on CapsisMedia.