5 Marketing Suggestions to Benefit from Pokemon Go

If you find people in public places walking around, chasing something while using their mobile phones like a compass, chances are, they’re searching for these little monsters called “Pokemons”. And yes, they’re playing Pokemon Go.

Just a few months after it was released, this augmented reality game has gone viral on the internet, especially on social media.

The game is not only unique for its ability to make people step out of their houses and start walking, but also because it appeals to a wider, more varied demographic. Its popularity does not come as a surprise, though, because it is indeed entertaining, and it stays true to its source material.

However, how can business owners benefit from the popularity of the cool app? Here are a few tips.

Lure Them In

To catch a Pokemon, players are required to walk distances to find them. If you’re near a public place, consider dropping a lure on it to entice the Pokemon and the users hunting for them. This strategy works best if you’re near a “Pokestop” or “Gym”, so users would be encouraged by the short distance to go over and “catch ‘em all” at your establishment after spending minutes on a Pokestop or Gym.

Send Back-up

Set up a wifi hotspot or battery charging place on your establishment to encourage the players to come over. Pokemon Go is quite heavy on data, thus, heavy on battery use, too. So try offering your customers the kind of reinforcements they need to keep playing the game. Also, don’t forget to ask them to check on their location on social networking sites for added online visibility.

Show Them You’re One of Them

What better way to show your support to Pokemon pursuers than to show them you’re one of them? Create a marketing campaign around the game in simple or complex ways. You can also offer discounts on services or goods for players who arrive at your establishment with very rare Pokemons, and create fun posters on your establishment about which service Pokemon would avail of. The more creative you are, the more you’ll stand out.

Make Use of Teams

Most players of this app pride themselves of their respective teams. To keep things exciting, encourage the players to defend their team by setting up trainer battles in your establishment. You can also hype up the challenge for teams Valor, Instinct, and Mystic by offering incentives or discounts to the winners.

Encourage Them to Play the Role

Beyond the cute pocket monsters, Pokemon fans have also come to love the original anime characters that started the long-running series. Encourage your customers to play not only through catching Pokemons, but also dressing up like the original anime characters. You can create a customized cap like Ash’s or an orange wig like Misty’s hair and encourage your trainer customers to take photos of their Pokemon with them wearing the cap or the wig.

In conclusion, when creating a marketing campaign, you need to be creative yet playful at times. Most Pokemon Go players are young professionals, so make sure your marketing campaign is centered on them. In the same way that more and more businesses are trying to lure in customers through the game. But remember, try something unique, so you will stand out.