4 Ways How To Make Your Blog Sticky and Keep Your Readers

Blog readers are very important for a blog, you are still not done yet even though you drive massive traffic to your blog. Yes, you may getting massive traffic in short period, but there is little or no interaction at all at your blog, or most of the traffic are one time visit and do not come back anymore.

Therefore, you should know how to make your blog sticky and get your readers to return for second time, third time and more. There are many factors that make readers not come back, you have to find out the reason and try to improve it.

Awesome blog design

Blog design is what your visitors see when they first land on your blog, so you shall try to give your first time visitors a “WOW” effect when they see your blog. Frankly speaking, I won’t visit the blog for second time if the blog has a poor design especially when I find difficulty in navigating the blog. In opposite, I like to visit blog with awesome design, even though the blog doesn’t has great content, but I will still visit the blog from time to time.

Posting regularly

The frequency of posting on your blog is very important, it may affect your regular readers as well. A regular reader who used to visit your blog and craving for your writing, but he can’t even see a single update after visiting several times in a week, he may stop visiting your blog for the rest of the days. You shall try to keep posting regularly and consistently, says 3 posts a week is good enough.

Stick to your blog niche

When you visit a blog, I believe that you will be more likely to read more relevant articles in the blog. We should always stick to the blog niche, if your blog niche is about blogging, then you should concentrate on blogging tips topic. If you blend the blog post topic in your niche blog, says you write about food or travel related blog post, your readers who prefer to read your regular blogging tips may quit after seeing you post irrelevant blog post topic.

Close interaction

In order to keep your readers in your blog, a close interaction with them is very important. Whenever your readers write comment on your blog post, reply all of them. You should keep communicating with them, sharing experience and opinion. If your readers send you email asking question, reply all of them and give your opinion or solution. Close interaction is important as it gives your readers a feeling that you’re a real blogger and open for discussion. I might be wrong, most of the bloggers do not reply to comment or communicate with readers, their intention might be just posting content, driving traffic and make money, that’s it.

Everything is linked, so you must do everything in the right way to make your blog sticky and keep your readers on your blog. However, interacting and communicating with readers is the way that I find it very powerful to get your readers coming back for times to leave comment on your blog post.

How do you make your blog sticky and keep your readers?