3 Ways to Boost Readership in the Fall

While any opportunity to boost readership for your online publication or blog should be taken seriously, fall presents a unique opportunity to reach out to new readers and to re-engage existing ones. Have you thought of your strategy for this season? Whether you have or you’re just getting started, consider some of the options below.

Follow and Report on the Trends: Hot Gift Reviews

With the holidays rapidly approaching, one thing is on the mind of most of your potential readers: gifts. Regardless of religious affiliation, income level or interests, most people have something to celebrate in the coming months and have a reason to shop for gifts.

Think of gift categories – for him, for her, boys, girls, sports fans, crafters, techies and movie fans – and make a series devoted to finding the perfect gift for each. Like every blogging effort, think outside of the box. Look for quirky companies offering unusual gifts and profile each option. Include price points to make for easy searching and find ways to relate these gifts to your readers.

As with any social sharing effort, don’t forget to link your blog to your social media networks with captions to draw in readers. If it’s about gifts, you’ll attract readers like never before.

Think Through Possible Themes

Fall brings a lot of themes that aren’t appropriate throughout the rest of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas preparation, football, bonfires, hunting and more. Each of these themes – whether they’re holidays or something else – come equipped with a wealth of topic ideas.

Options include:

  • Halloween costume ideas (segmented by gender, age and theme),
  • Football party décor and dishes,
  • Thanksgiving recipes (think vegan, healthy alternatives and other unique topics),
  • Bonfire tips and techniques,
  • Best deals on hunting gear,
  • Outdoor Christmas decorations and more.

By taking the time to use the possibilities associated with fall to your advantage, you’ll attract new readers – who are likely to share with their networks – and boost your readership to new levels.

Even for business blogs, sticking with seasonal themes brings more traffic because of the potential of being found through search engines. People will search for Halloween costumes in October, Christmas gifts in November and December, and don’t forget New Year’s Resolutions. These are the best times for blogs to create content that will be highly searched.

Consider Sharing Potential and Hot Topics

It may not be unique to fall, but, consider hot topics leading up to the Christmas season. Spending trends, elections – during election years, international news, football picks and predictions and other topics may be of interest to those not attracted to gift ideas and party themes.

Think of where your readers come from, what topics matter to them? How could they relate to the fall season? Look on social networks like Pinterest and YouTube to get an idea of what’s getting serious attention right now and go from there.

Remember with all blogging efforts, especially those related to fall, to consider the “sharability“ of the information you’re posting. If you’re hoping your efforts boost your readership, you must be sure to create content that your readers will want to share. If you want to reach new networks, you must engage your current one in order to branch out to theirs.

Fall may be the season that brings the most possible when it comes to creating content that boosts readership. Take advantage of the opportunities and think of ways to get creative; your readership numbers will only increase.