18 Best PHP Frameworks 2016

New collection: 18 Best PHP Frameworks 2016. See what are the best PHP Frameworks for 2016 and what their features are.

The right PHP framework not only makes the process of building websites easier, it also gives developers the freedom to create whatever they want without fuss or fear of failure. A great framework helps streamline web development, makes it faster, scalable and saves developers from the worry of low level security.

PHP frameworks have evolved a lot since they were first used. More and more frameworks are catering to newbie developers, they’re lighter, faster and more powerful than ever before. For 2016, these are the frameworks that have proven themselves to be the best of the bunch


There’s a reason why Laravel continues to be the most popular framework for PHP developers. It’s a brilliant framework with a ton of amazing features like a powerful queue library, RESTful routing, an awesome ORM, and many more.

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In addition to being wicked fast, Phalcon is also one of the easiest frameworks to learn. Other features to love about Phalcon is its clean, intuitive API and Direct Injection that facilitates easy-to-create software which tests end to end applications.

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The strong fan base continues to develop Symfony as a framework and PHP component set. Its flexibility, sustainability and ease of use has allowed this framework to consistently land in this list.

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The YiiFramework isn’t for beginners. But for those willing to invest in time learning Yii will experience the joy of working with a powerful, rich framework. The powerful caching system, excellent security, and built in authentication support are just some of its awesome features.

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CodeIgniter is another perennial favorite because it’s easy to learn and easy to use. This framework also comes with great features like nearly zero configuration, no large monolithic libraries, and the freedom to use your own coding and naming conventions.

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This sweet framework prides itself in its features like improved session management, ORM improvements, good code generation and scaffolding features and its PHP tools like PSR-0, PSR-1 and composer which helps with interoperability.

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Zend offers efficiently designed workflows, API-centric applications, world class Cloud support, instant online debugging and PHP Unit testing tools, just to name a few

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Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP is a community drive MVC framework that was designed to have full support for HMVC. This modular and secure framework is simple enough for beginners but also powerful enough for advanced users.

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Flight PHP

Flight PHP is a fast, simple, and extensible PHP micro-framework. It’s loved by beginners for its straightforward application and ease of use. It has its limitations but it does have good features like routing support, error handling, JSON sending and request, and many more.

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POPPHP is one of the newer frameworks to join the game that’s quickly building a loyal fanbase. It’s a simple, lightweight, and powerful full application-stack framework. It supports PHP5.3+ and an amazing set of components that can stand alone or be used within an application



Just because you can learn PHPixie in under 30 minutes doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. PHPixie has a solid architecture, components that can be used without the framework, and it’s really, really fast.

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Nette’s modern framework and mature OOD makes it easier to do more with less code. The easy learning curve and open source license adds to its appeal for beginners.

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Slim is a lightweight micro-framework that’s heavy on the features. It supports dependency injection, so you have complete control over your external tools. It’s built with incredible routing system and focuses on RESTful API with all HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) supports.

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Fat-Free weighs in at under 50KB. But with features like multilingual application support, URl router, cache engine, and a wide variety of plugins  like MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Sybase, DB2, MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL and Flat File, who needs all that fat?

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With a HMVC architectural pattern, Kohana was built with PHP OOP in mind. It comes with a rich set of components plus debugging and profiling tools to build web applications much faster.

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Aura is a framework specially developed to leverage the features available in PHP 5.4+. It provides independent library packages that alone, in collaboration with one other or as combined into a separate full-stack framework.

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Medoo, by far, is the lightest framework on our list at around only 20kb with only one file. It’s extremely easy to use and is capable of supporting upport various SQL database, including MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL and more.

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Simple MVC

Now known as the Nova Framework, this oldie but goodie is well loved for its light footprint, simple theme files and minimal configuration.

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