In A Warming World, Why Not Visit An Ice Hotel?

When you think of “relaxing” and “vacation,” an ice hotel might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, while most people are taking a summer vacation to somewhere warm, you could explore somewhere that’s exotic but won’t give you a sunburn. There are many ice hotels around the world. Here are a few that should be on your radar.

Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi

This ice hotel, located in Sweden, is about 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It’s the world’s original hotel made entirely of ice and snow and it’s also a work of art. Each winter, sculptors from all over the world use frozen water from the nearby Torne River to make a new building that remains open for visitors until it melts in the spring. To rent a room, you’ll have to pony up 1,600 SEK (which is roughly $230) per night, per person, and is located just 9 miles from Kiruna airport.

Hotel De Glace, Quebec City

If you don’t want to travel outside of North America, consider the Hotel De Glace. Like the ice hotel in Sweden, Hotel De Glace is made of ice and snow. Its claim to fame is that it’s the only hotel made completely of ice and snow in North America. There are no permanent structures, and artists come to design a new architectural design every year. There are 36 rooms for overnight guests as well as themed suites. Like the hotel in Sweden, it’s a seasonal hotel that melts in the spring. Rooms start at just $219 CAD (about $215 USD) per night. The hotel is located just outside of downtown Quebec City (about 10 minutes) from Jean-Lesage International Airport

Snow Village, Finland, Kittila

Back in Europe, Snow Village Finland returns for its 10th season. It offers an a la carte restaurant with tables carved out of ice. Unlike other ice hotels, you can opt to sleep in a regular bed instead of one made out of a block of ice. Fleece curtains cover doorways for privacy. Standard rooms cost just €120 (about $152 USD) per night. Suites start at €320 for two people. The hotel is just 25 minutes by car from the Kittila airport.

Engelberg-Titlis Igloo Village, Engelberg

A hot tub sounds like contradictions in a hotel made of ice but this community of igloos has them. Located in Switzerland, this igloo village is at an altitude of 5,900 feet. After making your way up the Titlis mountain, you can settle in with some cheese fondue and a nice soak in the jacuzzi. When you’re done, you’ll be shown your igloo. Singles are 149 CHF (about $156 USD) per night and romantic igloos are 249 CHF and come with a whirlpool. If you want a real cozy experience, get heated igloo tents with a stove and double bed.