November 30, 2021
Early morning in Shanghai

Early morning in Shanghai

Today I got up and out early in the morning to deal with some personal matters. Even though the tasks waiting for me this morning were nothing funny I must say that I always enjoy being outside in the early morning in a big city. It’s interesting to see how quiet and peaceful it can be in the early morning compared to the way it is from 9 AM to 2 AM.

I have always enjoyed getting out early to have the city for myself a couple of hours in the morning. Like when I lived in Brighton I always went out jogging at 5 AM (!) along the beach, perfect time to start because then I reached the Coffee Bean around 6 AM when they just opened to buy my breakfast.

I don’t have the same feeling when I am back home in Sweden. My small hometown is nothing special in the early morning, it is just as quiet as it is during the day. I think what makes it special in the big cities is you get a chance to wind down in the peaceful early morning, before the noise start and the speed of life accelerates to max again.

I am a big city person born in a small town. I love the big city and everything about it but at the same time, I appreciate the simplicity of life in a small town. What is your feeling about small towns versus big cities?

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