November 29, 2021
Green Court Shanghai

Green Court Shanghai

I have made many trips to China, most are for work but also some is personal. I like China a lot and especially Shanghai where I spend most of the time when I’m in China. My first trip to this country however took me to Guangzhou in the south. I remember it clearly and the feeling of the hot and humid air when leaving the comfort of the hotel is something I will never forget. I even thought to myself that maybe the best idea is to stay inside the air-conditioned hotel and calm my hungry stomach in the in-house restaurant.

Those newbie feelings to being in China are long gone and now I feel just as home in Shanghai as I do in my hometown Tibro. Each time when prepare to fly to China I still think “OMG, going to China now will be soo much work and will be so tired!” However each time after getting settled into the apartment I almost right away feel at home. This time I’m staying at Green Court on Biyun road here in Shanghai and I think this will be my “home” from now on when going to Shanghai. The location is perfect! Just across the street have Starbucks and a Family Mart, in the neighborhood have one Parkway Health hospital, 10 minutes walk from here is Carrefour which will cover all the supermarket needs one could ever have. If you feel 10 minutes is too far then just outside the gate there is a great grocery store with several imported products.

Also in the nearby area there are hundreds of good restaurants, everything from Burger King to the most local Shanghai snack you can imagine. A good place to live for a few days or for the long term!

Updated to this post in 2021

I made a video from the Green Court neighborhood. Watch it on my YouTube Channel.

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