November 30, 2021
How do I deal with stress?

How do I deal with stress?

Like I have written in several of my previous posts last year was an overwhelming time for me and I revaluated many parts of my life and personality. It is a continuous journey and I haven’t even reached halfway yet, there are many things left for me to improve about myself and the way I live my life. In the past, I have blamed some of my faults on me being stressed, so how to remove that excuse? Learn how to deal with the stress and don’t let the stress win. When I feel the stress is creeping up on me during the day then I:

  • tell myself to stop what I am doing and just sit there and deep breath for a while.
  • tell myself to eat some extra snack between the meals, usually some dried fruits.
  • turn off the sound on the phone during lunch time.
  • make sure I don’t get caught up in the rush on the sidewalk, walk slower and take my time.
  • make sure I focus on the most important tasks for the day, the less important ones can wait.
  • make sure I feel happy and calm no matter what tasks I am supposed to deal with.

Like I wrote in an earlier post: “There is no need to struggle, take care of yourself, and love living life every day!”

I am not suggesting procrastination, I am saying it is ok to postpone tasks that can be done later to take care of your health instead, it is a genuine reason. The most important thing for you to focus on at any time is your well-being, your health.

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