10 Awesome jQuery Plugins 2016

As the most popular JavaScript library in use, jQuery offers developers a wide collection of powerful plugins that can be used to enhance the look and feel of an HTML website. Whether you’re building a personal or business website, jQuery plugins help you expand its functionality, as well as tweak it in many different ways. With that in mind, we thought it a good idea to compile a list of some of the most awesome jQuery plugins around, which you don’t want to miss in 2016. Enjoy!


Readable helps you improve a website’s readability by marking the 45th and 75th character of every paragraph tag, making it a lot easier for you to create paragraphs of an optimal length.


This powerful jQuery plugin optimizes scrolling and snaps to sections, providing an improved scrolling experience for both desktop and mobile users.


Responsify.js ensures responsive images on your website maintain their aspect ratio and keep their focused objects in view even when they get resized for mobile devices.


InstantClick speeds up your website by pre-loading pages when visitors hover over the links leading to those pages. Easy to implement and highly effective, this is a great website speed optimization trick, whether we’re talking about a personal blog or a heavy e-commerce site.


Lightweight and responsive, Tipso makes tooltip implementation into your website a quick and easy process. It uses clean coding to create stylish tooltips that can improve the user experience.


This plugins helps you optimize your layout by making the height of selected elements equal, even when tricky edges are involved.


Submitter is a simple and effective plugin for creating user-friendly submission forms. It’s easy to add to any page and can be customized according to your needs.


This dependency-free jQuery plugin adds a beautiful drawing animation to your SVG website files and supports custom drawing animations.


A jQuery substitute for mobile devices and modern browsers, laroux.js comes with its own helper functions and lightweight MCV.


jBox helps you integrate beautiful pop-ups, tooltips, and notifications into your website in a quick and seamless way.

Do you use any of these plugins on your website? If you do, maybe you can share your experience with us.